Marketing 180 Helping Ukrainian Refugees Find Jobs

It’s not just rare to see major countries attempting to expand their borders through war in this day and age. It’s expensive, too. According to official analysis from the Kyiv School of Economics, the estimated cost of direct damages caused by Russia’s attack on Ukraine has amounted to nearly $63 billion.

That number represents more than just money. It’s an entire culture being eaten away by war. Where businesses, hospitals, homes, schools and other infrastructures once stood, are now massive flattened piles of crumbling concrete. Lives aren’t just being lost – a way of life is disappearing.

The World Bank expects the country’s economy to decrease 45% by the end of 2022. Since the beginning of the conflict, nearly 5 million Ukrainians have lost their jobs according to the International Labor Organization. This number will only increase with further armed aggression, and the ILO experts estimate that escalating hostilities would drive the unemployment rate up to a staggering seven million. 

These are real families with real lives who are being driven into poverty by this conflict. Having no job means no security in putting food on your family’s table. On top of the macro devastation caused by war, it’s micro tragedies like this that begin to emerge all across a country such as Ukraine. 

Marketing 180: Making A Difference

As many outside of the country begin wondering how they can help their Ukrainian neighbors, local Florida digital marketing agency, Marketing 180 has joined the fight to help bring jobs back to Ukraine, with a special program for those who have lost jobs in the marketing field. 

“We actually already have a few very talented Ukrainians who’ve been working with Marketing 180 for about 3 years now. I admire their hard work and commitment to making each project a success story. They are dedicated, fantastic people,” said Marketing 180 CEO, Ako Stark. 

The company has officially opened its doors to new applicants working in the digital marketing sphere. Marketing 180 currently has the following positions available to potential Ukrainian talents: 

  • Web Designers
  • Web Developers
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Specialists
  • Graphics Designers
  • Content Creators
  • SEO Experts 
  • Copywriters 
  • Social Media Managers 

Each job title currently has multiple positions available, so applicants are encouraged to reach out for more information. And, as far as skills are concerned. Marketing 180 has a training staff in place to fully acclimate new talent to American standards, although the agency will require the potential candidates to bring some-level of experience in the field with them, as well as a basic working knowledge of the skill they are applying for. 

Stark also recently announced on Twitter that he is currently working with multiple marketing agencies in the field, in order to help drive the number of job opportunities for those who have lost their jobs. It is unclear at this time which agencies are part of his network. 

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