Fun Things to Do in Daytona Beach, Florida

Whether you are a tourist or someone just recently moved to Daytona Beach, there is a lot more to do at “the World’s Most Famous Beach” than meets the eye. Discussions regarding how much there is (and isn’t) to do in the city can get more than a little heated, but we’re here to tell you a simple truth: there are many different things you can do here that are both fun and unusual – things we will discuss in greater detail as you make your way through today’s article. 

Let’s break it down by seasons, so you can get a better idea of which bracket to plan for when you visit Daytona Beach.


This is one of the busiest times of the year in the city, with everyone from in-state to out-of-state visitors flocking to the shores of Daytona Beach. This increases the demand for businesses to cover every aspect of the tourist experience so that visitors don’t have to leave the city or get a subpar experience because they feel they “can’t do better”. So the government allocates funds to help establish and grow tourist-oriented businesses throughout their biggest cities to increase their overall tourist value. 

This puts you in luck. Daytona Beach now offers more activities than it has ever had, and Summer is the best time to experience all of them. So if you happen to be here during the summer, you would want to check out the following activities: 

Daytona Beach Water Park

Daytona Lagoon is the biggest waterpark in the city Daytona Beach, and a ton of fun! This is a great option if you are visiting with family or a group of friends. 

This water park offers all-day fun deals, featuring thrilling water slides, everyone’s favorite, a wave pool, a multi-level family splash and play center. Alternatively, if you want to simply relax, they have a lazy river where you can float in peace. 

Alongside all of that, there are many ways for you to stay entertained at this water park. And the best part? The pricing is beyond fair, no matter which way you slice it. 

Visit Daytona Boardwalk 

The famous Daytona Beach Boardwalk is the heart and soul of Daytona Beach. During the summer, you will find many different types of activities going on here, from magic shows, musicians, and singers to any number of interesting characters and fun events throughout the day. 

There are two great Arcades on the Boardwalk: Mardi Gras and JoyLand Arcade. You can go inside and challenge your friends to any number of different games. Both of these places also offer food and, since the owners are Greek, they also serve excellent Gyros for fans of the popular food. 

Across from here you have Joe’s Crab Shack restaurant on the wooden bridge entering the nearby shore. This place offers a variety of gorgeous spots to sit at and watch the sunset while breathing in the fresh ocean air. At the very top is another fantastic restaurant known as “The Roof” which is a lot less expensive if you are on a budget. On top of that, you’ll get an even more awesome view of the city to boot. During the late afternoon and throughout the evening, you’ll be able to appreciate the singing and musical performances happening here. 

This area also features outdoor attractions such as the Slingshot and Sledge Hammer Ride. Many videos from Daytona Slingshot have gone viral on social media. It’s no miracle that you could possibly end up being one too. 

Visit One Daytona

Looking for a place where you can experience some truly great moments during your visit? One Daytona offers fun around every corner. You have top-class restaurants with delicious dishes, from affordable to pricey. You have retail shops to shop around at. The center also features two hotels, luxury apartments, and a spectacular victory circle which is basically where all of the shows happen. Most shows are hosted in the evening and can include anything from dancing waters to live performances to display screens. 

If you want to catch a movie and you happen to be here, One Daytona also features a luxury movie theater with a bar and a snack and food station. They also have the tourists favorite destination: GameTime, a wonderful arcade which features a bowling center as well as a restaurant and Sports-bar. The energy around this place is so good that it’s definitely worth checking out on your visit. 

Visit Daytona 500 Tickets & Tours

For anyone interested, you can also go on the Daytona International Speedway tour. The tour lasts about 60 minutes and, if you do a VIP Tour, you will get an exclusive stop at the NASCAR Archives & Research Center and Press Box, in addition to visiting the Axalta Injector and the infield of Daytona International Speedway. All of this, before ending at the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America.

While you are at the speedway, you can also check out: 

  • the “Big” Bill France and Anne B. France Statue
  • 4th Turn Grill
  • NASCAR Racing Experience “Look Inside a Car” Merchandise Pit Shop
  • Tours Parking
  • Dale Earnhardt Statue
  • DAYTONA 500 Champions’ Walk of Fame
  • Bill France Jr. Statue
  • AdventHealth Walking Trail “¼” Mile Marker — 6 total
  • Daytona International Speedway Sign Photo Opportunity and FPL Solar Pavilion

These are some of the most significant and historic things you can see in Daytona Beach, and are certainly worth your time to enjoy. 

Rent a Golf Cart or The Slingshot 

There are multiple private rental shops dotted around Daytona Beach, many of which you can rent a golf cart or something more speedy from. Looking for a polaris slingshot around town? The best and most reputable ones are available at Dream Rentals of Daytona Beach and Beach Carts Daytona. They have the best bang for your buck and are rated as a top service, nationally. 

If you rent a Golf Cart, you can also feel free to take it out on the beach, as all carts have a beach pass so you do not have to pay to enter anywhere. If you get bored of driving it on the beach, you can drive it on A1A and get a taste of the town. The slingshot is not really recommended to be driven on the beach, so you’ll want to stick to driving it on the roads to get the best experience out of it. You can drive it through the loop in Ormond Beach, experiencing the beautiful local nature, as well as drive it all the way to Ponce Inlet or Flagler Beach to absorb the beach life.

Rent a Jet Ski or a Boat

You have a lot of water options to work with around town, if you’re still looking for more. You can rent a jet ski or a boat. Towards the Ponce Inlet area and New Smyrna Beach, there are boat parties hosted on the disappearing islands, all of which you can join in on, meeting some locals and mingling to your pleasure.

If you like fishing, you can rent a charter boat. They normally have fishermen that know the best spots to catch specific fish, and it is a fun activity where you are at least guaranteed to catch a fish during your time out on the water. Imagine catching something big and posting fantastic photos and videos on your social media. Your friends and family would appreciate the fun that picture would describe. 

If you don’t want any of that, you can always rent a surfboard or paddle board. The majority of the time, people rent paddle boards to cruise around the river. If you rent a surfboard, you can surf the ocean waters, too.

Mini Golf on The Beach 

There are two mini golf areas on A1A you should consider. One of them is in Ormond Beach and the other towards Port Orange. If you are staying at a hotel, chances are you might get a coupon there for a discount on your first time playing, but these mini golf places are perfect to check out if you are making a reservation at a restaurant and it’s more than an hour wait. Full games normally average 30 to 45 minute play time on the course.

Visit Dunlawton Sugar Mill Gardens

Nestled into 12 acres of lush botanical gardens is the remains of an English sugar mill. The gardens were once home to a 1940s theme park, Bongoland, and life-sizes dinosaur statues remain in the tropical setting, still a favorite with children. The gardens also house a human sundial. The facility is open daily from dawn to dusk, and admission is free.

Visit Tomoka State Park 

Tomoka State Park is a bird watcher’s dream, with 160 species dotted around the park. You can go on a half-mile nature trail and absorb all of the beautiful scenery. The park also has measures in place to protect its wildlife habitats and endangered species, such as the West Indian manatee.

You can rent a boat around and cruise the river, or many people go water skiing, or water tubing. You can also rent kayaks and peacefully enjoy yourself floating around the river. The park also has a store in case you need to buy snacks or camping, or rent a canoe. If you do decide to camp, the park offers full facility campsites for local adventurers.

Go Parasailing 

A popular water activity with visitors, it will give you stunning views of the Daytona Beach area. Local skydivers will take you to where you’ll soar from 600 to 1,200 feet above the Atlantic Ocean. The adventure itself is suitable for groups of any size, offering single, double and triple seats.

During your sail time, your photo will be captured so you have a memory you can share with your friends and family. 

Visit The LightHouse 

One of the most memorable experiences available in Daytona Beach is to visit the local lighthouse in Ponce Inlet. This 175 feet light station is also a Museum with a great story inside it. The lighthouse was constructed in 1887 and this light station was used to guide mariners along the Florida coast for more than 130 years. Once you get there, purchase a ticket and you will have access to both the lighthouse and a wonderful museum. In order to get the lighthouse experience, you will need to make a climb to the top. It is a bit of a fitness activity but, once you make it to the top, you will see a beautiful 360 view of the entire city and surrounding areas. You can see beautiful birds flying, airplanes up-close and nearby water activities.

Take pictures, make videos and enjoy your exploration. Once you finish this thrilling experience, right next to the lighthouse is a riverfront restaurant, Hidden Treasure Rum Bar and Grill. This restaurant offers great quality food at affordable prices, with a beautiful nature surrounding to sit in. There is also a bird named Joe, who is very friendly with the visitors and often offers entertainment. To higher him, he takes payment in food. Everyone loves Joe – he’s a great bird and a local celebrity. 

Get Physical: Do Some Athletic Sports

There are many different types of sports Daytona Beach offers. Starting with great golf courses, you can visit the Riviera Country Club, a smaller golf course, or Daytona Beach Golf Club. For something more like a higher end golf course, you can also choose to visit LPGA International.

You can go back on the Boardwalk,to lk and, right in front of the Hilton Hotel there is a beach volleyball field where you can join in beach games or even team up with the people you’re traveling with. There is also a great place, recently built, known as the Pictona, which features 24 courts, 8 of which are covered, a inside-bar, table tennis tables, cornhole, shuffleboard, croquet, bocce ball, and horseshoes, all available to play. 

Feel a little more energized? You can also visit the Daytona Beach Zipline Adventure which features over 40 aerial games, including 10 adrenaline pumping ziplines. Lastly, try on over to Hopcycles Cycle Pub. These guys offer Pub Crawls, Scavenger Hunts, Ghost Tours, Historical Tours and Family Friendly Tours. This is definitely something different. Most importantly, it’s fun you’ll always remember having. 

Skate on Ice at Daytona Ice Arena

When the temperature gets super hot outside, it’s our natural response to want to go somewhere cold. And what better way to do that than visit Daytona Ice Arena and cool off while enjoying a smooth ride on your skates?

More than 50,000 people come to skate visit Daytona Ice Arena every year. Located in South Daytona, the rink is steps away from Sunshine Plaza, which locals consider a mini mall. The facility features small shops which are fascinating to check out before your fun begins at the arena. The rink also features affordable pricing for all age groups, skating lessons, birthday parties and group events for larger crowds. 

Don’t like the Ice? Roller Skating at Skate & Shake Skating Center

Located in Ormond Beach, right off US Hwy 1, you can spend the entire day at the roller skating rink having fun and, if you happen to not feel confident in your skating abilities, they have staff to coach you and build your confidence. Any age group is welcome here with any skill level.  

If you and your friends are caught in some bad weather with not much to do to enjoy the Florida sun, head on down to Skate n’ Shake. This rink offers a trip back to the heat of the 80’s with a wide open skating rink, complete with disco style lighting and its very own built-in pizzeria. No skating rink is complete without loud music to shake your tail feathers to, and this skating rink offers just that. You and your friends will enjoy the best tunes, spanning the decades, for a nostalgic trip down memory lane. 

There’s also an arcade! When your group gets ready to take a break from the rink, you can enjoy your time playing classic arcade games such as Street Fighter, Pac-Man, and Galactica. 

Happy skating!

Experience Sky Zone Trampoline Park 

Sky Zone Trampoline Park is the world’s first trampoline park. This place offers wall-to-wall trampolines as part of an open bounce experience, as well as facilitating fun birthday parties and various different activities. You can join in the thrilling fun of almost having the feeling of being able to fly. This is an America’s Ninja warrior type of course experience.

Next up is the dodgeball competition, with wall-to-wall trampolines where you can literally bounce off the walls. They also offer a SkySlam court for anyone who has always wanted to try to slam dunk, as well as fitness classes and many more challenging activities that’ll keep you exhausted and satisfied throughout the day. This place is not only a great source of entertainment  for kids, but a top notch experience for adults as well. 

Go Horseback Riding on the Beach 

There are multiple places in Daytona Beach which offer adventure horseback riding experiences on the beach or in nearby state parks. It all depends on what you feel like doing on the day when you decide to commit to this idea. 

You can either go with Shenandoah Stables or Equestrian Adventures of Florida. These are both reputable establishments to work with and, what they have in common, is that they love their jobs and they make it easy for inexperienced riders to enjoy their first time experience. If you are going to ride horses on the beach, you will need to call whichever place you are interested in and check with them on the specific day and time you’ll want to ride. You might not be able to do it on some days due to the high tide or simply high volumes of bookees. 

Dine and Cruise

This is an activity you can do with a group or alone – it’s fun both ways. Go on Dinner and River Cruise, an all-inclusive ½ hour cruise which includes dinner, dessert and unlimited soft drinks. There is good music on the cruise and, upon arrival, you will receive a free parking treatment and, towards the end of your experience, there will be raffle prizes to win some prizes. If you find yourself not getting the experience you want from the soft drinks, the cruise offers a full bar, on board, where you can get the cocktails and drinks you enjoy most. 

Feel Adventurous? Go Charter Boat Fishing. 

There are various different charter fishing boats to book in the nearby area. Here are some of the most popular services: 

  • Charters by Captain Brad – Capt. Brad has been fishing in Florida waters for over 25 years. He’s been up and down the coast, from Daytona Beach to New Smyrna Beach, with years of experience and knowledge. He knows where the best fishing spots are for his guests to gain a superior fishing experience. 

  • Captain Sean’s Daytona Beach Fishing Trips – If you ever wanted to experience what it feels like to catch a shark, Captain Sean could be the answer you’re looking for. He focuses on delivering an adventurous experience. The types of sharks you can catch include Bull Sharks, Hammerheads, Black Tip Sharks, Atlantic Sharp Nosed Sharked and various other fish.

  • CB Fishing Charters – Capitan CB has over 40 years of experience fishing the local waters. He can take you offshore for deep sea fishing in the blue Atlantic, inshore fishing on the Halifax River, or even Shark fishing along the coast. Most common fish included in his guest report include Snapper, Grouper, Redfish, Cobia, Amberjack, King Mackerel, Mahi and Barracudas. 

You will need to call these charters ahead of time to schedule your trip as they are continuously in waters. 

Visit the Local Spa for Relaxation

There are multiple great options to choose from when visiting a good spa with top service in Daytona Beach. Almost every single one of them is great but, if you do decide to hit the spa, here are the top massage and spa places to consider: 

  • Body & Foot Massage Spa Daytona — To enter this place, you will need to call them and schedule an appointment the day prior to your arrival. At Zenison, they offer Swedish, Deep Tissue, Stone, Warm Bamboo and other specialized treatments. 

  • Himalayan Wellness Spa, Inc —  This place is Daytona’s favorite when it comes to anything relaxation. The environment is jungly and features a very different vibe. They offer body scrubs, Swedish massage, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Couples Massage, Facials, LED Light Therapy Mask and even Foot Treatments.

Do a little research, read a few reviews, watch some videos and choose the experience that’s right for you. Remember: when it comes to treating yourself to some relaxation, anytime is a special occasion to enjoy and heal yourself from toxic energy.

Go On An Aerial Tour

You can visit Heli-hogs and schedule a helicopter tour around the city. They offer various helicopter tours overlooking the beautiful coastlines, many of which provide spectacular views of the city of Daytona Beach. Heli-hogs are known for their reliability, smooth handling and superior comfort. 

Jones Brothers Air & Seaplane Adventures offers well maintained Cessna 172, Cessna 185, Cessna 206 and Searey aircraft for use on aerial tours. They provide seaplane tourism and charters, which are both great options to experience. 

You can visit Vintage Biplane Rides in St. Augustine, near Daytona Beach. This experience is literally the definition of adventure. You will be flying in an open cockpit Waco Biplane in the Nation’s oldest city, with flight times going from 25 all the way up-to 45 minutes. 

Lastly, if you want to experience a more thrilling adventure, you can always visit Skydive DeLand, which is in the city of DeLand close to Daytona Beach. Skydive DeLand has been around since 1982, and they have some of the best instructors and teachers around when it comes to the sport. Whether you are new or experienced, these people are here to make sure you have the best possible experience. They like when you place reservations and, if you are going to jump, you should consider bringing comfortable clothing and tennis shoes. You will start from arrival, with an end about 3-to-4 hours in, and you must leave all your valuables at home. Many people bring valuable stuff and lose it all while in the air. 

Go on Daytona Segway Tours

This Segway adventure starts on the sandy beach and will take you to explore this famous beach. You will learn all about the birthplace of NASCAR and Bike Week. On the ride, you’ll find yourself enjoying the beautiful views of Daytona Beach and, as you travel through the veterans memorial bridge into the old Daytona areas, you’ll also visit Jackie Robinson stadium where Jackie broke the color barrier in MLB. Not only that, but more opportunities for exploration will be presented to you during your ride. 

If you don’t find enough enjoyment riding around the city, you can find electric scooters riding all around the different parts of the city, all rentable via your mobile phone. All you have to do is read the instructions written on the scooter. They are definitely fun little things and a good way to move yourself around the beachside area. 

Visit the Escape Room

Escape rooms are fun, adventurous, exciting and definitely worth trying. Not all escape rooms are the same. Every city has its own, inspired and designed by local masterminds to create a fun experience for you during your stay. 

These are the top 3 escape rooms people love the most during their visits to Daytona Beach:

  • Daytona Beach Code to Escape —  This place offers some seriously scary experiences, for example: Ghost of Tituba, Son of a Witch, Haunted Superheroes and more adventure vibe rooms like Mission Black and White, Shameless Photos, Nikola Tesla the Mad Genius and Catch 22, the merge.

  • WildPuzzles Escape Room — The owners of this place have done their fair share of work to make it the best experience possible. WildPuzzles has 3 original rooms to choose from. The “A” Files, Kidnapped and Escape Santa’s Naughty List.   

  • Daytona Escape Room Experience — This is an escape room that has the most rooms out of all the listed companies above. Their games are uniquely designed and almost everyone leaves with a face of satisfaction after they’re done. 

All escape room sessions normally last up to 60 minutes, so if you are planning on doing this, you’re going to want to allocate some time to it. 

Go visit the Shooting Range 

If you want to feel the rush of a variety of handguns, rifles, shotguns and possibly a full auto machine gun, you can bring your own gun or rent one from the companies listed below. If you are new to shooting, the range has instructors on staff who will facilitate your shooting experience. 

The best shooting ranges in Daytona Beach include: 

  • Hot Shot Shooting Range — This shooting range has been here for over 20 years. They were the first public access indoor range in the Daytona Beach area. 

  • Volusia Top Gun — This shooting range is a state-of-the-art facility and has knowledgeable staff on duty. They are acknowledged as one of the best indoor shooting range facilities in central Florida, with a facility consisting of a shop, range and the double barrel bar and grill restaurant. 

Visit the Reptile Discovery Center 

The Reptile Discovery Center features snakes from all over the world including a 14 foot Python, 12 foot king cobra, and live snake-venom extraction experiments. Not only that, but you will go on a nature walk where you will experience a trail where alligators, tortoises, iguanas and turtles can be found up close in their natural habitat. This discovery center also offers a unique gift shop and picnic facility. This place is popular with visitors from around the world for its snake venom extraction. 

Visit Angell & Phelps Chocolate Factory

Visiting this place, whether you like chocolates or not, is a unique experience for sure. Angell & Phelps is known for their high quality, handmade chocolates, all made fresh daily. As you visit this place, not only will you enjoy a vast variety of chocolate options but also see the process of making chocolates.

Go On A Central Florida Airboat Rides

This company offers some fantastic airboat tours around the city. You can do yours individually or with a group of friends and family members. Six passengers or less is what this airboat can handle. The tour is designed to explore the beautiful nature of St. Johns River between Lake Poinsett and Lake Winder. During the ride, you can expect to see many different creatures, such as alligators, turtles, frogs, countless species of birds, fish and different kinds of plants. 

Museum of Arts & Sciences

This museum is the primary art, science and history museum in Central Florida and, by far, is the largest museum in the area. Throughout the week, they host different types of events which you can track by visiting their website and clicking on the “What’s happening” section on the homepage menu.

The most popular attraction at this museum is the “Live Star Shows”, which consist of full-dome HD movies and laser shows. You can explore beyond earth by jumping on the virtual spaceship as the museum takes you to far off destinations in space. This can be fun and exciting if you enjoy the topic of space and have the passion for art or science. 

Visit Hanksters Hot Rods & Museum

Do you love cars? This is the place for you. Even if you’re not a car person, you can still enjoy your experience at this hot rod dealership, with its showroom museum. The vehicles they have on display here include restored muscle, classic and excotic cars, vintage racers, hot rods and even motorcycles. 

This dealership also offers a gift shop so you can take something interesting back home. It is free to park and free to enter. All funds received are 100% donated to the benefit of the local YMCA.

Visit Speedway Indoor Karting (SIK) Daytona

This is an adventurous and entertaining activity you can take part in across the city. This karting place features state-of-the-art karts that guarantee fun, exciting competition for drivers of all ages and even skill levels. They have a multi-level oval track and they offer various kart styles to allow a vast group of people to participate in action. Their karts offer high speed features which provide exceptional racing experience. Besides karts, they also have ax throwing events you can participate in, which makes for an exciting add-on. 

Go on Scuba Lynn’s RV Adventures

Scuba Lynn’s RV Adventures really offer some off-the-beaten-path-style activities. They pick you up in their RV and take you on adventures. You can go snorkeling, diving or horseback riding. This is something you will be doing throughout the day, so you will need to dedicate a day to it. 

You do have the option to go on the RV for a day or to book it for an overnight stay. You can do this experience for 2-3 days if a day is not enough for you. The way most tourists take in this experience is by doing a dive/snorkeling experience on day one and then coming back for horseback riding the day after. 

Their dive master and equine specialist will be on hand to ensure your experience with them is fun, safe and one you will cherish for a lifetime. 

Visit Zeno’s Boardwalk Sweetshop

This is one of the most historic places in Daytona Beach and is worth your time to visit. Founded in 1948, four generations of family have been behind making the world’s most famous taffy, located right on Daytona Beach Boardwalk. 

They sell the best taffy candy and bring in tourists for their unique style of candy. They have more than 90 flavors of candy, all of which you can see displayed and categorized on their shelves. They have so much candy that you can even get some free samples to see which flavor is your favorite. This is an experience definitely worth the shot, especially if you are walking around the Boardwalk. 

Great Tasting Tours

This is a locally owned and operated business. If you are looking to explore different parts of DeLand’s history and all that it has to offer, you can join the great tasting tours that will introduce you to an eclectic mix of excellent restaurants, unusual shops, local attractions, and, at the end of your tour, a local wine bar and microbrewery. 

From here, you can get a rich focused exploration of the exciting history, culture, food and interesting sites you can talk about for days. 

Have Fun at Dave & Buster’s 

Dave & Buster’s is definitely one of the most popular places visited by Florida tourists. This is a huge facility, featuring all the new arcade games that create fun experiences for people of all ages. This place features in-house food, ultimate sports-viewing and remarkable drinks. 

Visit Ormond Lanes Bowling

This is one of the oldest bowling centers in Ormond Beach, neighbor city of Daytona. This place is also fun for people of all ages, with great staff of people to assist you with all your needs from the get go. They have beautiful 55 inch monitors with HD display, where you can monitor your bowling activity. This place also has a redemption arcade and electrifying lightning strikes. 

Cruisin’ Tikis

If you are in Daytona Beach, you have to enjoy the experience of being in a floating Tiki bar. The pricing for this experience is more than fair, the cruisin Tiki departs from Caribbean Jacks where you can cruise and drink along the waterways of Halifax river in one of the most photographed boats in the water. You can bring your own snacks and drinks, enjoy the views while the staff take care of staring you in the water. The best time you can do this has to be during the Sunset. You get the beautiful view of the sun setting down the city and enjoy your time filming cool social media videos you can share with your friends and family.

Visit The Casements 

This is a nice little area you can visit during your stay. The Casements is the cultural center of Ormond Beach city, sitting on the shore of the Halifax River just two blocks away from the Atlantic Ocean. This place is visited by many different people from all over the nation because John D. Rockefeller spent some of his winters at this house, which is known as “The Jewel of Ormond Beach.” You can visit this place Monday through Saturday and for more information you can visit their website.

Feel Like Shopping? 

Sometimes on a vacation, it can be exciting to shop in a new environment or especially if you want to buy something you’ll remember or perhaps bring a gift or two back home. These are the most popular shopping places you can visit now to enjoy your shopping experience. :

Riverfront Shops of Daytona Beach

You can visit this area and discover more than 60 shops, restaurants and more to enjoy your exploration time. Everything here sits near the waterfront where you can spend your day checking out Downtown Daytona Beach and its historic Beach Street retail shops. If you end up visiting this area during Saturday morning, before the afternoon, you can enjoy some local farmers presenting their freshest harvests and, during the weekends, you might catch some events around. 

Volusia Mall 

Malls have become a necessary part of the average consumer experience and the majority of people who travel end up visiting the local mall one way or another. Each state, each city has its own unique stores they feature in malls creating new experiences for the visitors. 

You can perhaps visit Volusia Mall on your stay and check out some cool, unique stores. This mall is actually the largest shopping mall around the area and also features some restaurants and its own food court. If you do end up visiting this mall, ask for Mr Dunderbak’s restaurant. This is a little secret restaurant that’s hidden where you won’t notice it when you enter the mall or when you are walking around in it. These guys have been serving the customers German food since 1975. They make the freshest and most delicious food around, and everything you eat in this restaurant will feel like homemade food that tastes so fresh. That is what they are known for. 

If you are in Volusia Mall, take your taste buds on an adventure and let these guys give you a memorable experience. 

Tanger Outlets 

This is the second largest place you can go exploring in Daytona Beach, featuring tons of different shops. Mainly the shops Tanger features are your name brands, such as Polo, Express, H&M, and Kate Spade. They do offer some smoothies, coffee shops and a few more places you can enjoy while shopping around. 

Want to Experience the NightLife? 

Although Daytona Beach isn’t really a place like Miami or Las Vegas, there is still something visitors can enjoy around the city after the sun goes down. You can watch movies at CMX Cinemas at One Daytona. 

This movie theater is by far the best theater, voted high by the locals for quality and experience. It features a bar and fast food type of a restaurant where you can order different kinds of food to enjoy your movie with. If you are over the age of 21, you can buy alcohol which you are allowed to take inside the movie theater. In the near location right next to the CMX theater you have GameTime. Which is a smaller version of Dave & Buster which also features a restaurant, bar and bowling alley where you can eat, play and watch sports. 

Play Poker at Daytona Beach Racing & Card Room

Daytona Beach Racing & Card Room is an entertainment complex and features:

  • Plush poker room
  • Wall-to-wall LCD flat screen televisions to monitor sports
  • Personal betting screens and private betting carrels

Hundreds of gambling enthusiasts come here to play a Five-card Stud Poker Game that features Trips Bonus and progressive side bets. High card flush, where the objective is to obtain multiple cards in the same suit (Flush), Three Card Poker where player is dealt three cards face down and the player competes against the designated player to make the best poker hand, one card poker where a player is dealt a single card and competes against the designated player based on the rankings of the cards and, most popularly, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, where a player is dealt two cards and competes against the designated player using the five dealt community cards to create the best possible five card poker hand. 

Visit Razzle’s Nightclub 

Razzle’s Nightclub is, by far, the most popular nightclub around, delivering an outstanding experience for those looking to enjoy the nightlife. Located in the heart of Daytona Beach’s party district, Razzle’s is a block away from The World’s Most Famous Beach. The place is intimate, immerses you in a world of sound, with light and advanced video technology. The DJs perform right on the floor, next to the crowd, creating a world class nightlife experience. 

The club features 11 different bar stations, where you can enjoy your favorite drinks, a VIP section (if you feel fancy) and areas where you can comfortably sit and enjoy today’s best music. 

Play Billiards At Waldo’s Sports Pub 

Uncle Waldo’s Sports Bar & Billiards features 17 quality pool tables, 2 Roberson 8 foot tables, and 2 outdoor pool tables where smoking is allowed with cool outdoor lighted balls, as well as some 3/9 foot Diamond pool tables, a gabriels table, and a 9 foot gold crown 3 Table. 

Turn Up At Coyote Ugly 

If your group needs to get together for some good ol’ fashioned young adult fun, head on down to Coyote Ugly. This bar gets everyone involved and moving with their diverse playlists of music from genres like country to hip hop. This bar is many people’s first choice as you avoid the super huge crowds like the ones common in nightclubs. Plenty of seating is available inside and outside so bartenders are experts in getting drinks out fast. 

Pool tables, drinks, loud music, and a lot of fun? Coyote Ugly will meet your needs if you’re craving a true Daytonian nightlife experience.


When looking for fun things to do in Daytona Beach, FL, we strongly recommend the above-listed activities as we have personally experienced everything listed in this article. If you have any questions about our listed things to do in Daytona Beach, feel free to leave a comment below and one of our representatives will try to answer your questions to the best ability. We hope that you enjoy your trip and have lots of fun!